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TypePad Features

A bunch of new info about TypePad Features is available now, and the beta blogs are able to be seen by the public. Can you find me? wink

[link seen at MovableBlog Asides]


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"Keep sidebar weblogs about what you’re reading, listening to, visiting on the web." ? There were a bunch of things that seemed Kristine-y, but that one seemed the most like you. smile

Are you saying you have a beta TypePad blog? I can’t find it! I’m having problems with the site overall, though - sixapart.com keeps coming up not found. I signed up for the TypePad mailing list, though, because I really like the idea of being able to publish by e-mail/phone. I’d love to post short (

(Oooops, the < cut off my comment! This time I’ll use entities.)

I’d love to post short (<160 characters) entries via SMS!

Yep, I have a beta TypePad blog wink

I haven’t had problems getting into the SixApart page, but then I didn’t spend much time on it this weekend - I was too busy w/Plugin stuff! smile

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