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bad shortening!

Ick. Yuck. Ewwie.

I’m working on my afternoon cake project, and I didn’t have a white cake mix. So no biggie, I figured I’d just make the one in the betty crocker cookbook. I had all the ingredients and got started. The shortening smelled kinda funny and was slightly discolored, but its not like I’m an expert on shortening, and I’ve never liked the smell, so I measured it and put it in. Stirred in the rest of the dry ingredients and milk. It all smelled kinda funny, so before I started cracking eggs, I stuck my finger in to take a taste. Ack! Ick! My tounge got this instant awful taste, and I spit it out in the sink. Even now, I haven’t gotten rid of the taste after eating some other stuff.

So now I’m pretty sure that my shortening was bad. I’ve had it forever, so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Cleaning the Kitchen Cupboard: Toss or Save?

Storage Tip #3: Shortening that has been stored too long will go rancid and develop an undesirable taste and odor. If you haven’t used a shortening for a while, smell it before using it in a recipe.

Helpful reminder, remember this next time you are baking with shortening.

I think I’ll have E bring me a white cake mix on his way home.

Ick. My tounge is so nasty now!!!


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At least you know now for next time! Have you tried brushing your teeth and tongue with lots of toothpaste to get rid of the taste?

Ugh. I can only imagine!

Ewie! I do stuff like that too. So lately I’ve gotten to the point where I throw out stuff that’s just questionable. No date? Not sure? I toss it.

I think you should go out to Red Robin. That’ll help get the taste off your tongue. ;)

oh NO! how awful! i hate that when i accidently eat something that has gone off and it just colors everything else that i eat for days afterward. i ate a rancid strawberry that hadn’t been properly frozen as a child and it put me off strawberried for years.

Ew yuck! I wonder if lard does the same thing... I have a couple of blocks of lard in the cupboard that’ve been there a while... I’ll have to check on them.

This is why I don’t cook, ever!

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