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about.com and MT

Dude, this is so cool...
About.com, powered by Movable Type

We’re excited to let everybody know that the hundreds of expert guides who publish topic-specific sites on About.com are now all using Movable Type to manage their sites.

I’ve been using About.com for years, and its so cool to see them using MT - its a prime example of a great way to use MT, even on a large scale. I’m SO impressed that they made this choice. I know this will make their site organization even better, which will compliment their content even more. And plus, this will be a great new source of news feeds - they look very similar to what comes out of my copy of MT, in fact! (example: General Hospital Fans updates smile )


That is cool! They’ve even still got the "powered by Movable Type" link. (I would have expected them to pay gobs of money to get rid of that.) I used to really like About.com, but I do think they’ve gone somewhat downhill in recent years. Information is harder to find, the ads are more invasive, etc. A friend of mine used to work for them, and even before he was laid off he would point out their shortcomings.

That’s wonderful! Kinda cool to see MT go beyond weblogs.

Wow. Very cool. I’ve never really like the way they organize stuff there. It’s too... helter skelter for me. I hope this helps.

w00t MT! ;)

Hey, it’s great. Never thought this would ever happen.