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I had fun looking through the caricatures at Piven World. There are some fun objects in the faces that totally make sense.

[via MeFi]

When my dad was in grade school, he thought it would be fun to draw a caricature of a girl sitting by him in class. He drew and everybody else giggled, and when she saw it, she stabbed her pencil into his arm He still has a dark piece of pencil lead stuck under the skin as a reminder. LOL!!! I guess she wasn’t pleased with the resulting image ;)


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What a great site. I looked through every one of those pictures. That guy definitely makes art interesting. I couldn’t figure out a couple of them, but the rest were very entertaining. smile

(I have pencil lead right under the skin in my hand from where I poked myself in 7th grade. ;) )

evidently not! smile sounds like a brutal way to tell someone that though.

I didn’t realize pencil lead would stay under the skin forever like that - why wasn’t it removed?

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