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poke cake

Ahhh, this is what I’m wanting to make tomorrow... Patriotic Poke Cake. Thanks to Dyanna for reminding me that they are called Poke Cakes laughing


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Yum... I think I’ll go over to your place this weekend!

BTW, my old link is now outdated on your blogroll. Just thought I’d let you know so you can either update or delete it from your blogroll. smile

wow! that looks like some serious work! good luck! and happy almost fourth of july. i got assigned napkins, plates and beverages for our picnic. pretty boring. i guess it is because i have had a cold for over a week and they don’t want me to contaminate everyone. laughing

Mmmm.. looks yummy. Hope it turns out fab!

Hi! That looks like a great cake. I’m realllllly behind on my reading but I wanted you to know that you were never far from my thoughts! *hugs*

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