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hot hot hot

Oh my, highs near 90° for the next few days. I’m gonna melt. Even with my fans and cold water, I’m hot. Its so warm upstairs that my feet are hot when touching the floor.

Note: complaining will commence until it cools down. wink

My "aftershock" (where migraine==earthquake) headaches have still been here for a bunch of the day, but its definitely better than yesterday. In fact, now that its 10, I’m starting to feel even a bit better. Woo!


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The same here is Italy, I have no clue about your sistem but we had 45C yesterday toghether with blackout, it is scary to live without electricity even for couple of hours.

I hate the heat. Loathe it with a bloody passion. It’s so much easier to warm up than it is to cool down. I hope you manage to stay cool somehow. I’m guessing you don’t have AC. confused

A friend once recommended that I take a cold can of soda and basically hold it with my wrists. He said it helped him to cool down. You might try it. Who knows? If all else fails... take an ice bath. wink

Yikes! I didn’t think it got that hot that far north. It’s been really hot here too. I started my job as an interpreter in September and went out and bought a bunch of long-sleeved work shirts...now I have to go get some with short sleeves so I can quit sweltering!

Your weather sidebar must need to be updated, because it’s showing me forecasts of 65-70°! Or is that something I’m supposed to update?

I’ll complain right along with you, it’s cooler up here but I can relate. I HATE the heat also. If I could work in a pool, I’d be all over it. I hope you feel better too, I’ve had my own health scares this week.

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