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Cool! Emailing With Doctors

..."a study has been done in an area where doctors and patients were encouraged to use email to communicate and they found that there were some very positive results."

I’m looking forward to the day that this is more widespread. It would sure save a lot of time to be able to send an email to my doctor saying my prescription was about to expire. When nothing has really changed, or its just a question about something non-life-threatening that doesn’t need an exam, it seems like it would save my doc a lot of time if I just emailed her. Obviously this wouldn’t work in all cases, but I’d love it to be an option! smile
[via Techdirt]


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i think it would be nice to be able to check things by mydoctor without having to make an appointment. it would be great to get clarification on things when i am at home because sometimes when i am in the office i clam up and forget to ask about things i need to know.

My doctor has a website through which he does a lot of online communication - but it’s screwy - if I have a message there, and it’s remotely medical/health related to any sort of condition, I have to pay $5 to access it! Sort of like my $10 co-pay, but dude. It sucks.

My new primary care doctor already does this - she prefers to communicate with patients by e-mail! She even had one of those Fujitsu Lifebooks for my initial appointment and interview, and at one point she pulled a Palm Pilot out of her pocket to check something. The Lifebook even had a wireless card that allowed her to print my prescriptions directly! I think I’m going to like this lady. smile

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