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vitamin d

Sunshine can be good medicine:

One symptom of Vitamin D deficiency is pain and weakness in the muscles and bones. Based on that symptom, Holick has suggested that some disorders diagnosed as fibromyalgia may in fact be Vitamin D deficiency.

Well that’s kinda interesting. Many people with CFIDS or Fibro have light sensativity, so being in the sun is harder. But I did just check - my multi vitamin has 100% of the daily requirement of Vitamin D. So that’s a good start. sun Maybe I need to find a way to sit in the sun just right with the light not in my eyes just so I can absorb some of the natural vitamins smile


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I’ve also heard that getting 15 minutes or more of natural sunlight helps with 'cabin-fever' depression which in my case, applies.... especially this past winter. Now, I swear up and down by it. cherries

Matt and I joke about needing sunlight on the backs of our knees when we’re grumpy because we read an article years ago that said the backs of your knees are the most sensitive to sunlight when it came to vitamin D production and relieving seasonal depression.

I’m not convinced about the particular location, but I do think it’s good advice to get some sunlight when you can. smile I have to force myself to do it because I’ve become extremely sensitive to light over the last few years.sun Sunglasses have become my best friend, but even they don’t always stop the headaches.

What is this thing you’re talking about... sunshine? Is that the bright ball hanging on the ceiling of the big blue room? I don’t like it out there. No broadband. wink

You might want to be careful though, because it’s common for people to get Vitamin D overload between sun exposure and a vitamin. Every summer, we have to have Dan switch vitamins or he gets sick.

are there any other sources of vitamin d besides the sun? seems like there should be but maybe not. hang in there with those vitamins!

Most milk comes fortified with Vitamin D these days! At least, most of the milk in grocery stores. Check your labels, folks! You may be getting more than you think smile

I knew that a lot of milk was fortied with Vitamin D like Anne said, but I hadn’t thought to check my Silk vanilla soy milk. A serving of that has 30% of the RDA for vitamin D, so that’s good news for people like me who can’t stand animal milk. smile

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