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Does anybody remember the NeoPlanet Browser? Somebody mentioned it in one of the forums I was reading, and it really made me giggle, because I hadn’t thought about it for years!

Basically, it was its own browser, like IE or Netscape, but it was super-skinable. It was my first experience with skins, I do know that. I remember impressing Matthew with the Flinstones (or something like that) skin because the icons were little rocks and they moved. I also remember a treehouse skin, where all of the sidebar icons were slats of a treehouse. I remember downloading a lot of fonts with that browser. I know that I found WindowBlinds quickly after that, and I had a fun skin that made my windows look like floppy disks.

Now, I value usability a bit more than appearances (which is why my browser skin is so minimalistic, I’m sure), but its funny to remember my first experience with making my programs look cooler with skins. Do you remember yours?

for good skins, check out Customize.org, DeskMod, WinCustomize..


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Probably my first experience with skins was WinAmp, but I do remember NeoPlanet! What a blast from the past! bug

I remember NeoPlanet; I worked for them for awhile. I never worked on the client itself, but I wrote the Skin Viewer on the web site that lets you choose skins.

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