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New Fantasy Titles Due

New Fantasy Titles Due

Kyoko Yamashita, a spokesman for Square Enix, developers of the best-selling Final Fantasy video games, told SCI FI Wire that the company will be launching four new games in the franchise over the course of 2003. Each title will offer a new and different story and game mechanics

What fun! Since I’ve known E, I’ve had to be familiar with Final Fantasy stuff. He’s been playing their games forever. And since Final Fantasy X has been his game of choice at the moment, I’ve gotten acquainted with the characters, so it will be fun to see X-2; their first game to feature a girl as the main character (Yuna from X). I have a feeling that with all of the upcoming FF things for the Game Cube this year, we may just have to get one wink That’s okay with me, since I’d love to play some Mario Sunshine and learn about Zelda!!


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Actually FF VI had a female lead by the name of Terra. Yes I am a FF geek. *lol*

I tested my husband on that, and he said, "yes, VI did have a female lead, but there were so many lead characters in that one." smile

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