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today and next weekend

Today was a happy day. I took Megan and Matthew out to lunch at Applebees, and they decided that they weren’t gonna be shopping too long to hurt my body, and took me along. So I got a lot of walking in today! We went to Copelands to get Matthew some shirts, and then Old Navy, where I got some clearance jammie shorts and a $5 flag Tshirt, along with some cutie-patotie capri length jammie pants with little pink sandles printed on them smile Then we went to the mall to find Matt some dress pants for his 8th grad graduation on the 9th. All in all, it was a sucess and Matthew still had enough $ left for a pair of shoes which he’ll look for next week with Lisa. We couldn’t convince him to buy a tie though... he’s got black docker pants with a white button up shirt, and we think he needs to wear a tie with it. But he’s 14, what can ya do? smile We finished off the day with some Jamba Juice - make mine Peenya Kowlada with a Femme boost... it was really good, and I *know* I’m gonna be all healthy after getting all those vitamins!

So I didn’t get home till 5. A bit longer than I should have been gone, but my legs aren’t nearly as sore as they were last time I walked that much, so yay! Or at least not yet! I *am* hot and sweaty, though. It was 85° when I got home and its 81° now, 4 hours later. Plus, with all the electronics in here, and it being an upstairs room, its at LEAST 5° hotter! Time to get the fan out, I do believe!

A little bit ago, E’s mom called. She had told us a few days ago that one of E’s great uncles had passed away. So she’s coming up for the memorial service next weekend. And she’s gonna stay here for part of it. I’m trying so hard not to stress. But E already had plans for being out gaming with some friends coming to town for the weekend, so now he’s gonna have to cut some of that short, and I feel overwhelmed with it all.

I’m gonna call Lisa and ask her to clean at some point this coming week, so that will be one less worry (well, its always iffy if Lisa will come when she says, but hopefully she’ll be prompt this time wink ). And order groceries towards the end of the week so we have food while E’s mom is here. Besides that, she’ll just have to understand that I’m probably a bit worse than I was at Christmas when she was here last, and resting is very important to me.

No stress, right? Remind me of that throughout the week, 'kay? smile

For the weekend, I don’t have too many plans. My mom’s bday is Tuesday, so we are gonna get together on Sunday for a party while everybody is around.

Oh, and Leah Marie will be born any day now! She’s due on the 6th, but when Sarah and Leonard went to their appointment last week, the midwife said that she’s turned the right direction and everything is a go for any time after then. They finished their birthing classes, and now we just wait for Leah to be ready! smile So at anytime over the next week or two, I could become an aunt! I’m so excited, and I’m excited about going to the hospital and seeing her as soon as I possibly can. I’m *really* hoping that it doesn’t coincide with the time that E’s mom is here, because that will be a bit awkward. Ack!

I’m taping the Sarah Michelle Gellar movie that’s on right now, Harvard Man, and I have soaps to watch from today (I made it half way thru the tape), so that will keep me entertained for a bit of tomorrow.

I hope that it cools down soon! I’ll fall asleep better without the stickyness!

So that’s the news and stuff. I feel much more caught up with myself after writing it all out smile


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Don’t worry, we’ll help keep you stress-free!!

I’m glad that the exercise didn’t make you feel so tired. Take it easy tomorrow, though!! love ya!!

That Peenya Kowlada thing sounds really really nummy. I have to find a Jamba Juice around here!

Don’t stress. Just remember, in the grand scheme of things, it’s just a blip. A momentary visit. I kind of worry about hangin' out with the in laws a bit (maybe because they’re not my family?), but it always always always turns out to be fun. So just go with the flow yo. ;)


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