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24 hours of what-if

I haven’t ever done the Wendesday What-If before, but the questions sounded like fun when I saw themt @Christine’s smile

  • What if you had 24 hours to pack up and leave your country forever? E better be coming with me!! Grab my hard drive and pack up my gray jammies and my favorite no-wrinkle dress and sandles. I’d be sure to grab my 2 favorite books and some money, and my fav Sarah CD. Then I’d go visit my family and give them all giant hugs. Everything else would have to get purchased in my new country.
  • What if you had 24 hours to get married? Wow, 24 hours? I’d need a dress and flowers. A bunch of candles to make the room I was getting married in glow. Maybe put some flowers in my hair, too. Touch of makeup, and then follow up the wedding with a family dinner somewhere nice. Simple, but pretty.
  • What if you had 24 hours to entirely change the way you look, so much as to become unrecognizable? Well, most people recognize me by my hair. So I think that getting a short cut and maybe even straightening some of it might make me less recognizable. Glasses would help, and a lot of makeup, since I don’t wear too much. Maybe some more revealing clothes so that eyes went to my body instead of my face wink
  • What if you had 24 hours to make a scientific or historical discovery? What would I want to discover, or do I think I could make a discovery?? I would love to help with CFIDS research for 24 hours. Maybe those 24 hours would be spent convincing the CDC to research more!
  • What if you had 24 hours to meet and befriend the leader of your country? I don’t think I’d really be interested in doing that. I would highly guess that politicians are overly superficial in person, and after the 24 hours were up, they wouldn’t think of me again. So it seems like a waste of a day that could be spent in other ways.


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