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power of amethyst

For a while, I considered calling my site something with the word Amethyst in it. I settled on calling my graphics sets Webpage Jewelry and never did use amethyst for anything more than a screen name.

So when I read the description of my power stone, it makes good sense to me. It makes me want some sort of jewelry or even something to hang at my desk that is amethyst. And I’ve always been drawn towards amethysts because of their color anyhow.

[seen at Rilana’s]

I’m not sure I believe in the "magical" powers of stones or will I be praying to a stone, but some of the ideas below are good anyhow.

AMETHYST is a purple variety of quartz (SiO2). The beautiful color is actually due to an inclusion of iron in the quartz.

Amethyst has long been known as the stone of sobriety. It is said the stone will protect the wearer from intoxication. Of course, I’ve found that abstaining from alcoholic beverages works rather well, too.

This beautiful stone is used to prevent nightmares and insomnia. It has often been used as a peace stone. Holding the stone in the left hand and breathing in a soft purple pink light will calm a person’s emotions.

Try this:
Just before going to bed, take a warm bath with an amethyst in the water. Light some sandalwood incense and burn a purple candle. Dim the lights and picture all the stress of the day melting away. Imagine a soft purple light surrounding you. Breathe in this light and feel the worries and problems of your life slide away. Picture the amethyst drawing all the tension out of your body into the water, then melting it all away. Now, pull the plug and know all that junk is going down the drain with
the water. Dry yourself off, snuff the candle with a prayer, and get into bed. Place the amethyst on the nightstand and instruct it to bring you peaceful and beautiful dreams. When you wake in the morning, thank the amethyst for the good night’s sleep and the wonderful dreams.

Amethyst enhances the 'sixth sense' and increases psychic awareness. A lot of people carry an amethyst with their Tarot cards or runes. Placing the stone on the table during a reading also absorbs any negativity and acts as an aid to intuition and memory.

Amethysts exchanged between friends will ensure the bond of friendship will survive time and distance. Amethyst will remember the bond and will ensure a reunion.

Another use for amethyst is as a 'come home safely' stone. Make sure a loved one carries an amethyst on a trip to ensure that person’s safe return.

What is your personal Power Stone?
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i am into rose quartz right now. it is supposed to have soothing powers, and i get so agitated and stressed that it is a good one for me. i have a bracelet that i wear on the plane and it may only be psychopsomatic but it seems to work for me.