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its hot

Wow, its a warm day. Its 72° right now, and it was hotter when I was downstairs at the stove! I’m feeling rather sticky, and wishing I had some comfy big shorts to wear smile I do suppose I’ll have to do some shopping smile

I have Macaroni and Cheese in the oven and made chocolate chip cookies before that. So that was my exercising, and my feet are so sore. Its the weirdest thing, in the last few months, when I stand too much, the bottoms of my feet actually feel bruised. Its not because I’m any heavier than last year, I guess its just the overall soreness in my body traveling to my feet.

Slept ALL night for the first time in a while, although E said I wasn’t breathing so well. And then I got in a hour and a half nap this morning. yay for sleep smile


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I swear, for a moment I thought you said you had Marconi in the oven. And I’m thinking... whoah, big oven. And, how’d you talk him into that? And, are you sure you’d want to serve (or eat) the guy?

I’ve been awake too many hours in a row. At work too many hours in a row. And in radio too damned long.

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