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buffy day

Buffy, as always, was amazing. smile

More tomorrow, and plenty of links to media feedback on the episode, I’m sure. I just didn’t want to spoil myself today, so I stayed away from the stories!


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Better than the last 'final episode'.. (and I LOVED Glorificus)... Something about Willow going diva that made my night..

Eh. I wasn’t impressed at all by last night’s episode. I felt cheated and let down. I mean, c'mon. Angel shows up for like 10 minutes and happens to give Buffy an amulet that will save the whole world? Cheesy. I expected a lot more out of Joss and the final episode. It should have been 2 hours long. One hour wasn’t nearly long enough to wrap up 7 years of one of the best shows on TV. I can’t even talk about it anymore. *sobs* sad

i am the same way. i feel like it was too little, too late to repair the damage of the last two seasons. it wasn’t nearly enough sad

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