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blogstyles updates

Blogstyles has a ton of updates!

I finally finished the updates to blogstyles that I’ve been working on smile I did a bit of a redesign, based on the current design, but with a bit more class. The backend that powers the site has been completely redone (so its easier to add stuff). And I added 16 SETS of new styles for purchase!

I have neverending ideas of things to add on this site, and now that its easier to add things, I have a feeling I’ll be updating it more often.

Several new free styles are in process, as well as an alternate php-enhanced version of the photoblog index. There may be a few pages that still have the old template on them, so I’m finishing up that. Enjoy the updates!


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Well I’m still in love with the style I got from Blogstyles, but every once in a while I get the itch for something new. I think I might just peek around in there to see what’s new. Thanks Kristine!!!

Nice redesign! flower

Very nice indeed! cherries

lovely redesign bug

I am officially jealous of this style. Can I borrow it for my blog?

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