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this or that

I heart this or that smile

  1. Large or small family? Large immediate family, not necessarily large in my house family!
  2. Potato chips or pretzels? Potato chips or Cheetos!
  3. House or apartment? for now, apartment. don’t have to do yard work and its still a nice big space.
  4. Zebras or giraffes? Zebras - black and white is nice wink
  5. Candles or potpourri? Candles!!! (cinnamuffin all the way!)
  6. Flowers or trees? Both!
  7. Right or left-handed? Right! My mom’s a lefty, though, so I’ve never been so great at using a knife since watching her was confusing!
  8. Model trains or dolls/stuffed animals? Dolls, all the way. I’m a girly-girl, and hadStrawberry Shortcake dolls and Barbies and even made them clothes!
  9. Comedy or drama? Comedy. Laughing is a good thing. Things like Tommy Boy do it for me every time.
  10. Thought-provoking question of the week: The city of Boston has recently banned smoking in all restaurants and bars. Would you want to see such a law passed in your city/town/country, or not? Yes, I would like that. I think that restaurants are nicer when they are smoke free. Too many people have allergies and that kinda stuff, and so that alone is a good enough reason for people to have to leave the building to smoke. But as a non-smoker, I’m sure I’m biased candle