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work games

Kind of an interesting set of thoughts at TechDirt today... Play Games At Work

I’ve argued often enough that companies shouldn’t worry about people surfing the internet from work, especially since studies have shown they make up the work. More to the point, though, I think it’s more of a drain on productivity when you’re working non-stop for many hours without giving your brain a chance to cool off, or work on something different. Providing some sort of break makes sense. It’s why most people take little breaks on their own - whether to talk to their neighbor, grab some food, or just stare off into space. So, what about playing video games at work?

I think that for some jobs, its not a bad thing to have Solitaire and maybe little things like that on your computer. Taking a little break, whether its for a smoke or to play a game of Spider, sometimes really is a nice thing to give your brain a break and then get back into work. Of course, being self employeed with a playstation next to me probably makes me a bit less productive at times ;)
[via Techdirt]


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Believe it or not, after years and years of trying without any success, I’ve finally become a master of Minesweeper (of all things). And that’s just happened while being on hold or waiting for a document to print before going on to something else. Of course, if anyone walks in the room when I’m playing, I immediately hide the game. wink

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