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another a to z

miss m'lissa and Brandy did a different A to Z than I did the other day, so there were some questions I really wanted to answer on theirs! smile So I’m just doing a few letters smile

Animals: I’ve never had a pet. My brother thinks that’s awful, that I should really have animals in my life, but...
I do like Kitties. When they are little and cute. E’s allergic to cats. He wants hamsters or rats or any small rodents like that. I hate them. So we are just saying no to animals for now smile
Desire(s): To be happy and doing something I enjoy for a hobby/career. Healthy would be nice too smile
Eye Color: Green, kinda a hazely color.
Kitchen...wonder or blunder?: Wonder. I used to be scared of the kitchen. But now that I’m starting to cook more, I realize that I’m not that bad of a cook smile And having theredkitchen has given me a chance to share some of those recipes, so it makes me even more excited to try something with the hopes of sharing it with others.
Languages: Only English. I took 2 years of Spanish in HS, but it wasn’t enough to get much more than a handful stuck in my brain. I do know some sign language, too. I took several years for a Community Ed class.
Name (named after?): My mom’s best friend in college was Kristine with a K. She went by Kris, but mom and dad both liked Kristine, so I was named after her. Diane was just what fit with my name well, it didn’t have any significance.
Year born: 1976. I was a bicentennial baby. I’ve always been proud of that!
Zodiac Sign: Taurus smile Which rina-doll defined well for me in my comments today. I fit all those characteristics! smile


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Thanks for the post about the other A-Z. I’ve just done it. It was fun! Hugs, Lil x

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