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Virtual Venus!


New Project! My good friends Brenna and Girlie and I have been wanting to put together something for our MT tips and tricks that we use on the MT forums and on our sites. Out of that came Virtual Venus, a domain that Girlie wasn’t using and a design from me that came naturally once I heard the name smile There’s not much there yet - currently, the largest part of the site is a MT Wiki, which is basically a FAQ that is on a collaborative platform so people can add to what is already there.


If you haven’t seen a Wiki before, this is a good place to start! And plus, it gives us a good place to put together our info, smile

edited to keep on top today smile


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wow kristine! this has unlimited potential! i am so excited. wink



It’s too bad we didn’t just add them to Scripty - I love having everything in one place! smile I can’t keep on top of all these sites popping up! (Lately I can’t seem to stay on top of half the sites I want to read!)

Uhm... what Christine said. sad Don’t know what to say except... Best of luck.

Isn’t there room for one more site on this world wide web? heart

The wiki is something totally different from what’s already out there, and it didn’t make sense to just ask somebody else to add it to their site.

This is a project that we’re doing as MT moderators, not scripty goddesses. Kristine is skilled enough to be both and we should all appreciate that. luvya wink

I wasn’t saying that she wasn’t skilled to do both. Sorry you took it that way. Have fun with your new site.

Sounds like a good idea; I’ve signed up for an account! I wonder if my information on importing from LiveJournal can be incorporated.

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