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a to z of me

Just for fun between my coding, I thought I’d snatch the A to Z (meme) smile

Act your age? Sometimes.nbsp At times, I act older because of my responsible attitude, but a lot of the time, I act younger, hugging stuffed animals in the store and giggling over easter candy.
Born on what day of the week? Early Sunday morning—the time changed a few hours before I was born!
Chore you hate? Cleaning the fridge—or any job that might make me find mold!
Dadís name? Len, short for Leonard.
Essential make-up? I don’t like to leave the house without eyeliner... it makes my eyes look entirely better.
Favorite actor? Movies?nbsp I have always liked Harrison Ford.
Gold or silver? Silver or white gold.
Hometown? I was born in Kalamazoo!
Instruments you play? Piano, Clairinet (haven’t played for 9 years of course!)
Job title? I was Business Manager... now I’m calling myself web developer and graphics designer, I suppose smile
Kids? nope.
Living arrangements? me and Eric
Momís name? Noralee
Number of people youíve slept with? uno.
Overnight hospital stays? Once.
Phobia? Heights make me dizzy and scared...
Quote you like? "smile, its the 2nd best thing to do with your lips."nbsp :giggle:
Religious affiliation? Officially, an SDA.
Siblings? 2 brothers - Leonard and Matthew, and 2 sisters - Megan and Lisa.nbsp Soon I’ll have a sister-in-law, Sarah, and I have a brother-in-law, E’s brother Craig
Time you wake up? Varies greatly!
Unique habit? I don’t know!
Vegetable you refuse to eat? Kale.
Worst habit? Nail biting
X-rays youíve had? A bunch - before a surgery, I had several cat scans of my head.nbsp And I had a whole array of x-rays and cat scans of my ankle when they were trying to determine what was up with it.
Yummy food you make? Macaroni and Cheese from scratch.nbsp Chocolate chip cookies.
Zodiac sign? Taurus.

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Brad was born in Kalamzoo too! smile

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