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stuff and things

We made it out of the house today. E took me to Red Robin and Best Buy to use my gift certificate from my birthday. I love that store smile

I’ve been watching E play a bunch of Final Fantasy X this weekend. This one actually has some fun storylines in it.

And a lot of napping went on. sleep

I forgot to get my drugs refilled today sad I just called them in, but I’m short for tonight. Oops. I’d been doing so well about remember, too!

My blogshares money have been fun to watch over the last week or so; I feel like I’ve learned more about stocks than I ever did in the business class that was supposed to teach me about them ;)


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When I get my meds refilled, I count out 21 days on my calendar, then I scrawl GET DOXEPIN REFILLED on that day (one week before I run out) so that I have a buffer in there. (It was Seymour’s idea.)star

You have to give me some BlogShare tips! I have no idea what I’m doing! ;)

Sounds like a truly lovely day. Nappin', husband time, Red Robin, Best Buy... Perfect. flower

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