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I was laying in bed this morning with some deep thoughts. They are all jumbled up in my head, not wanting to come out in cohesive sentences yet. Worries about the future, and what kind of future I will have with this illness. I could really use some visions or something to give me a clue. And I know I’d feel better if I could actually express this and even discuss it with E. But its all so fuzzy, and I don’t know what is okay to wish for and what I should just resign myself to stop wanting.

Someday, this will all make more sense and I’ll write a real journal entry when that happens smile


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Oh you poor darling! I really feel for ya hon! I hope the thoughts get less jumbled very soon! Hugs! heart

*hugs* I hope things get less mixed up too. It seems like this spring is a time for everyone (ok, not EVERYone) to re-evaulate their lives.

I heart you!



I don’t think it will remain muddled forever. smile Some things just take time. You’re still learning so much about your illness and how it effects you. I have faith in your ability to work through this. smile


I’m going through some of the same stuff. Should I try to get disability? Get a part-time job and see how that works? Will that leave me enough time for writing and resting?

I’ll be thinking of you while we both sort this stuff out.


I know you can work through this, Kristine smile - as things change and improve over time, evaluating where you are and where you want to be may become a regular activity - how adventurous. wink I’ll be thinking of you - I know you’ll find a way through it all. heart

{{{{{ Kristine }}}}}

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