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breakfast for dinner

I can’t help it, I love breakfast food. I always have. Probably because my mom let us eat cereal for dinner sometimes :giggle:

So we had french toast and fried potatoes for dinner. Yummy in my tummy strawberry

Just a hint, Smuckers Boysenberry Syrup is delicious on french toast!


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I’m getting ready to have cereal myself. smile

Ooooh, that sounds YUMMY!! I love breakfast for any meal! wink

My mom *loves* Smuckers Boysenberry anything! We always go to the Knottsberry Farm Chicken Restaurant when we’re in CA, and they actually have a Boysenberry drink that is major nummy!

Bacon and Eggs, ANY day.

Well, now that I am not eating meat, now about Pancakes!! yummy!

Breakfast food is a wonderful thing! I’m personally convinced that I could live on cerealsmile

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