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MI accent

I still find myself saying things with a michigan accent or terms that are michigan-specific smile Even though I was only there for the first 10 years of my life, it got embedded into my vocab :giggle:

[thanks to Jennifer at Confetti Falling (abbreviated on my sidebar to jen-i-fetti because there are several Jenni’s and Jennifers there too!!)]


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Ha ha ha ha- that’s a good site. "quartertathree" Yup- that’s about right, haha!

I still have my Michigan accent, although now I’ve got a slight Canadian flavoUr wink

LOL! Several of those go for IL, too, although we Chicagoans have our own way of saying a few others.

Whoa.. we have an accent here? Seriously.. do we? I had no idea. LOL!! I have always wondered about that. I’ve lived here for 33 years. I wonder what I sound like? Hmm

Okay I just had to post again. I read through those word and I don’t pronounce them the way they say we do.. what’s with "apartment" becomes "aparh... meh..." Huh? No way.. that’s just not right! I always use my t’s. Hrrmmph. ha ha!

jen-i-fetti: I like that. laughing

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