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sharing a birthday

Leonard called me this morning to ask me about this weekend. Mom told him she’d already talked to me, but she hadn’t, so he had to ask me himslef. For some reason, I’ve always been a bit possessive of my birthday. The 25th was MY day. I think its probably because I’ve always been so far away from other holidays, and so it really seemed like a celebration when it came - my siblings have birthdays all summer: Lisa and Leonard in August, Megan in Septemeber, Matthew and dad in October; then November is Thanksgiving, and December is E’s bday and Christmas.... then a long break until April when my birthday is.

So now I have to share my birthday. Sarah, Leonard’s fiancee (and soon-to-be-born Leah Marie’s mommy!)’s birthday is the 19th. Guess what, its gonna be a joint party. With Easter too, nonetheless!

I knew this was probably gonna happen, I just hadn’t thought about it really. Anyhow, so now I must get into gear. Family wants a birthday list, and I must find something for Sarah!!

But the happy thing is that I talked to Megan, and it sounds like she’s gonna come home both of the next two weekends (she was already coming home for my birthday weekend because Leah’s baby shower is on the 26th.) So it will be a happier birthday with her here smile


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I know all about the sharing, man. LOL I always had to celebrate my birthday with mother’s day (especially those years like this one where it’s *on mother’s day). Not as much fun. But it’s still your birthday!

Well, shoot hon...at least it’s not the exact same day as yours eh? LOL

sad You need a special day all to yourself!!! I hope you and E will do something special to mark the day, even if your family isn’t going to be involved. You deserve it, honey!!!!

I’m with Zuly. Every deserves their own very special day, to do what they want, eat what they want, and have fun.

You deserve a day for you. Birthdays only come once a year. I hope yours is special. smile

I hope you have a great birthday! It will be your special day to all of us! *hugs* rainbow

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