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groceries and stuff

Phew. What a long morning.

I got up and cleaned up for a while; put away my clothes and a few things like that. Rested in bed for a while and read. Then Leonard called and we talked for quite some time. Called Megan’s answering machine. Went downstairs and cleaned the counters and table. Megan IMed me and I called her back to update her on the weekend plans, and while we talked, I wrapped up the last of the ornaments in the living room to be put away. By this time, it was 12, and so the Safeway guy could be there any time (between 12-2), so I paid some bills at the table. I can’t hear the door well enough from upstairs, so I only came up stairs periodically in between. Watched PC. Cleaned more. Ate a bit. Watched ATWT. He didn’t show up until 1:55. That’s cutting it pretty close, craphead. And plus, he stood there and watched me while I carried the groceries instead of bringing the crates 10 feet further to the table. My legs were freakin' sore by the time I put them all away.

And besides all that, Lisa said she was gonna come and do some cleaning for me today. No call or anything. She wants to make money on HER terms, not when its convenient for me. dork!

Wow, so it seems like a long time since I sat down here. I’m all tired out! I do believe I’ve done enough walking for the day and won’t try for the mailbox on TOP of that!


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Don’t wear yourself out, sweetie! Take it easy and here’s a big kiss for you! luvya prheart

ornaments? as in christmas ornaments? oh, kristiney.. honey, if i lived closer (like 3000 miles closer) i’d come over and help you.

poor thing sad

oh goodness...I hope you are feeling ok still, you poor thing! Don’t wear yourself out! prheart rainbow

I’m soooo behind in my reading! Don’t tired yourself out so much. You’ll have everyone worried! *hugs*

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