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up for a few

Got up for a little while, and now I’m heading back to bed....

a few thoughts while I’m here though - things that were going through my head in the time when I was debating whether or not to get out of bed or not:
My groceries will be here between 12 and 2. I put together my order last night, and I’m always sure I’m forgetting something, but I have plenty of fruit coming and orange juice to take my vitamins with smile
Lisa is gonna come at some point an do some vacuuming/cleaning for me (with $$ going straight towards the car)
I efiled last night so as to not pay any sooner than necessary!
I’m hungry. I’m not gonna eat anything at this time of the morning, but my tummy is growly
I should put my oven on cleaning mode first thing this morning - it needs it!
One more game of Spider, and then I’ll let the yawns have their way :zzz:


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sounds good! does oven cleaning mode actually workconfused??

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