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once was smart..

m posted a link to a Geography game this morning (that she got from Jennifer, and it just amazes me how many changes there have been in the Middle East. I used to know the maps quite well. I loved studying geography. But there are so many new countries or divided countries that weren’t there before, and it makes it even harder to know what is where! So I didn’t do so hot on the test. I wish they had more quizzes like this of other sections of the world - it was fun smile


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I didn’t do too bad. I’ve always been iffy on African geography. What amazes me are that those little countries like UAE are among the richest in the world!! Thanks for the link.

The only reason I got the ten or so right that I did is because Steven grew up in the UAE (his dad was a geologist for Conoco) and I learned some of the near by countries when I looked it up when we began dating. laughing

We used to live in Turkey, so I got the ones near there correct. I knew I was in trouble when I guessed Iraq wrong the first time, though. HA!

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