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soaps: amc preempted

All My Children was preempted here today; they showed The View instead because of war coverage.

I’m loving ATWT (surprise, surprise ;) )

I really liked the interaction between Katie and Mike the last few days. I think she makes a really great part of a couple, and even though I really liked her and Simon, I hope they don’t keep her alone for long. Mike cut his hair, I do believe, and it looks good. I laughed out loud at Rose and Emily’s plotting with Henry today. I can’t wait to see what they do with Bar-bar. smile And I am so hoping that Rosanna and Craig make it to the alter. smile

Its pretty weird to see Sonny so crazy. He normally would know better about what’s going on. Seems like they need to check him into a mental ward for a few days ;) And no, I don’t think that Jason and Courtney breaking up is the best way to make Sonny less crazy. LOL!


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Ohhh Sonny has been a bit on the loopy side lately. So sad to see such a hunky man losing his marbles. I’ve been missing Port Charles and well most of my shows because the kids are home this week. I’ll have some serious catching up to do next week! smile

Maurice has always played him as manic depressive, now they’re exploiting that. Lack of anything else to do, I guess. I’m just generally pissy at the show, since I hate Ric and he seems to be popping up everywhere these days. Can’t wait for Tyler to come back. At least Coltin got a dramatic scene before his push out.

I agree with Rina...I’m so tired of this Ric crap! I want that over with ...I can’t believe that Jason (at least since Sonny seems to be so manic right now) can’t see that it’s RIC for crying out loud! LOL I find myself shouting at the television some days! LOL blush

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