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Weekly Wrapup

This week’s Weekly Wrapup looked like fun after seeing it at Lisa ’s place, so I am playing along smile Its no surprise to my regular readers that I love music, as I’m talking about it quite often :music:

  • Do you like to sing? Why or why not? Yes, I do. My mom said that when I was little, I would sing all the time. It made my grandma comment that I was such a happy little girl. I made up songs, and sang them, making up silly tunes on the piano to go with. And then when I was a teenager, I taught myself more of how to play the piano. I started writing more songs, and they were actually pretty good, with piano to go along. I sang in the choir all the way through high school. making Chorale my junior year (group of about 25) and Encore my senior year (group of 8). :music: So yes, I like to sing, it makes me happy.
  • Where do you like to sing? Why? Now, most of my singing is done in front of my computer along with CDs or mp3s. I do enjoy praise music on the events that I go to church, and readily will sing along.
  • Do you sing in front of people? Why or why not? Not solos or anything, but I don’t mind singing with people.butterfly
  • What’s your favorite song to sing along with? Why? I believe that happy girl songs are among my favorites—Natalie Imbruglia’s Left of the Middle is a great sing-along album.
  • What song is your guilty singing pleasure? Why? I’d guess that most people would laugh at me singing at the top of my lungs to one of the three Britney Spears albums I own ;)


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Hee! I sing along loudly with Britney, too. She just seems to call for it. LOL

A couple of Britney songs are in my guilty pleasures list too. smile

You need to download the song "Happy Girl" by Martina McBride! It’s one of my most favorite songs from her and I like to listen to it when I’m down or happy or just plain in between. But then I love everything Martina does. You’ll love that song though. It’s the kind of song you wear overalls and pigtails to and go dancing in circles across the room. "I Love You" is also good for that kind of stuff. laughing

Psssst....I’m a closet Britney sing-along girl too! laughing

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