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time change

Hmmm, when I woke up, my computer didn’t have a popup that said "your computer time has been changed because of daylight saving time." Seems like it always has before, but maybe WinXP is smarter than previous systems I’ve had. LOL!

Anyhow, testing out the timezone in my posted line and reminding you all about the change smile

[edit] Alrighty then! My servers time just hadn’t updated, and that’s why it didn’t look right. Its all better now, and you’ll note that the timezone in this post is PDT instead of PST like the previous post. Tricky, huh? ;) That’s the magic of the Date Tags plugin smile


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I think that XP (and Win2k, as well) doesn’t display that dialog any more, because it’s kind of pointless. I mean, why wouldn’t you want to change the time? smile

yep, mine changed automatically. but then it took my mom and i 30 minutes to change all of the others in the house. and i only broke on!

LOL at milbertus! I’m sure you are right, I just got used to that confirming that it really did change!! wink

But hmmm, it looks like my time here isn’t matching my time on the computer. its still saying 8:38 on Jane’s comment, even though its 9:47 according to my computer and the cable box... hmmmmmm, I guess I better figure out why that is (and which is really right! LOL, I need a watch so I know that it didn’t change automatically because I’m not sure what changed and what didn’t!!!! ha ha!

OMG! That same thing happened to me kristine! I had to triple check to see if my computer changed times. I just upgraded to XP about 6 months ago and I was waiting for the 'fun' pop up. But nothing! smile Oh well, it worked. smile

I’m wondering if it’s not our server messing the timestamp up—instead of our computers. I think my timestamp was wrong earlier today as well.

I think it was the server, because looking at the comments on my blog starting here, they were minutes apart, but the timestamps say over an hour.

Ooooh—cool plugin! I just put it on my main page—thanks! laughing

I am a dunce, but i don’t have ANY idea what all that mean and what I am supposed to do. don’t mind me..im just a doofus laughing

you’re right, mine didn’t either.

Makes me think there is Big Brother watching us all over at the Evil Empire headquarters.