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captain crunch

Did you know that Captain Crunch has 100% of recommended folic acid for your day? tee hee... don’t tell Megan that I ate Captain Crunch, because she’d point how many grams of sugar it has ;) laughing I’ve eaten good cereal the rest of the week, and I’m taking my vitamins and drinking orange juice, so I get credit for that. rainbow


Folic acid is very important, and according to Brandy logic, that alone outweighs the amount of sugar. laughing You probably wouldn’t want to base your life around Brandy logic but for the small day-to-day things, I think it’s safe. smileluvyaheart

Captain Crunch is good stuff, except that it always leaves a ... film on the top of my mouth. That’s kind of odd.

Your secret is safe with me. ;)

LOL, I was going to say the same thing as M! It leaves a film on my milk and the top of my mouth! But I LOVE it! And corn pops are awesome too! wink

LOL! I just bough Captain Crunch at the store yesterday. Yummay! laughing

It DOESconfused Holy...

I’m going to start eating truckloads of it! I need all the folic acid I can get!

Oh, happy day! laughing

Now I’m laughing that my three question marks turned into that weird face there! Hehe!