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love comes softly

beware, a link-trail a mile long to follow.... ;)

SciFiWire had a brief news story about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston and Nick Wechler producing a new movie. Of course, I immediately had my intererst peaked by seeing Nick’s name, since he’s the one who played Kyle on Roswell. But it looks like there’s more than one Nick Wechler, so I’m not sure which one it is.

Anyhow, so then I was on the imdb and figured I’d check out what the other Roswell people were up to. Brenden Fehr has been on a few movies lately (Biker Boyz), and same for Shiri (Swimfan) and Majandra and Jason Behr have had a few things here and there. But Katherine Heigl has the most credits to her name since Roswell ended. Valentine with David Boreanez is the most noticable of the bunch, but she’s also filming a Romy and Michelle prequel. And then I saw one of her newest movies, Love Comes Softly. Its the name of one of my favorite Christian historical novel (first of a series of 8 books), but the name is generic enough that I figured it was something else. Still, I clicked through to the link, and WOW, it IS based on the story! heart And Katherine is playing the main character!!! Better yet, I found out that it hasn’t been shown yet, but its only a few weeks away on Hallmark, so I’ll hopefully get to watch it! What a happy find! butterfly

edited 9/23/04 to add - Love Comes Softly is out on DVD now.


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Woohoo! I love that series! I’ll need to write down when the movie is going to be on TV. Otherwise, I’d forget it and then be bummed about it afterwards. Thanks for sharing. smile

did anyone tape the movie off of tv, Love Comes Softly?

This movie is on again tomorrow night on the Hallmark channel at 9pm, unfortunately I do not get the Hallmark channel, so if some could possibly tape this, and would like to contact me at christinatooke@comcast.net, I will pay well for this movie!!! Thanks, Christina

Does anyone have a recording of Love Comes Softly? I don’t think it’s coming on TV again for 2 or more months, and my little sister is wanting to see it very badly and doesn’t want to wait that long. If anyone has a copy, please let me know, and I will make arrangements to reimburse you for a copy. Thank you!

do you have a copy of love comes softly that i could buy

Hi! I’m an American living in France. Needless to say, I missed the Hallmark movie "Love Comes Softly" since they don’t have that channel here. They are my favorite series of books, and I so want to see the movie! If anyone is interested in sending me a copy they taped, I will pay well! Thanks!

I too would love to but a copy of the Hallmark movie Love Comes Softly. I moved before it aired and where I moved did not have the chanel. I loved the book, and would love to see the movie. If anyone can tell me anything I’d love to know.
emial- arin_20@msn.com

I too would love to but a copy of the Hallmark movie Love Comes Softly. I moved before it aired and where I moved did not have the chanel. I loved the book, and would love to see the movie. If anyone can tell me anything I’d love to know.
email- arin_20@msn.com

I just watched this movie, and I only watched it because Katherine Heigl was in it and I’m a big Roswell fan. But It was beautiful I really enjoyed it. Great Movie!!!!

Please tell me where and when I can buy this movie video for my home and family

I am looking for a copy of the video "Love Comes Softly". I know that it has been released several times on hallmark channel, but here in Alaska, none of the tv’s picked it up. We have been trying to get even a copy that someone else has made.
I know that the movie is due to be released in September, but being as we’re in Alaska, we won’t get the new releases from September until January or maybe later. We have been waiting a long time for this movie and I was just hoping that someone could kindly share a copy of their movie [if you’ve taped it off of tv]. Could someone please help here?!!! Thank you so very much!
p.s. I will reimburse you for the cost of the shipping and tape.

I am trying to find a copy of "Love Comes Softly" to give to my niece for her wedding. This is almost her story. I guess I thought it was out on video already.
I will pay for it and postage too.

I loved the movie Love comes softly. I would like to buy a copy of it for my daughters birthday, the end of July.
She has never seen it, but I know she would love it. If anyone has a copy of it I could purchase would you contact me and let me know how much? Thank you.