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GH 2hours 2day

It was quite fun to have 2 hours of General Hospital today smile

I love the new beginning! The names is a great addition, and there are some great new pictures. I’m surprised to see Faith in a permanent picture. Summer and Ric kinda too. New Lucky, new Emily, new Gia. I’m surprised they kept Taggert, as he’s on his way out. Also, why didn’t they add Cameron?

I like the Sonny/Carly Jason/Courtney kissing scenes in the middle smile much more up to date that the Alexis/Ned ones.

The flashbacks were great to see, but just seeing the Robin/Stone scene brought tears to my eyes in memory. I wonder if they will keep doing those in honor of the 40th anniversary periodically?

The Sonny/Carly/Jason/Courtney scenes were the most exciting and worrysome—I’m surprised that they didn’t advance the plot more; I mean we really don’t know that much more than we did when the epis started as far as that storyline goes, but we did some some great tender moments. Like Zuly , I think that Sonny was amazing today. Oh, and now that Faith is on the beginning credits, I’m guessing she doesn’t die, but I was kinda guessing she would before I saw that!

I am glad Emily is back, and I’m interested to see what happens with this storyline. I hope she doesn’t keep hurting Zander.
I could care less about the Luke/Lucky/Summer storyline the way its going right now. Nikolas obviously is being a big jerk. I have a feeling I’ll like him more when Tyler is playing the role ;)

I’m not too surprised about Skye and AJ kidnapping the baby, but I was a bit confused about why Alexis didn’t tell about finding the baby bootie until the very end. Ahhh, I see now. Hmmm, what will happen next??!! She can’t keep Kristina away from Ned and everyone forever, I’m pretty sure of that.

I have a confession to make. I watched part of Port Charles today. Oh my goodness, I could get so addicted. Why didn’t anybody tell me that there’s been a whole Vampire storyline?! I believe that this "book" is almost done, so next week, I may have to tune in again to see what’s up next. It was good to see Lucy and then Ian/Patrick (LOL, I know him from OLTL as Patrick) and even Bobby (Brian Gaskill) from AMC. I wonder how many people are still on the show from when I first watched (the first 2 or 3 years of the show, I believe).


I used to be a BIG fan of "GH"! It rocks. I watched it ALL the time with my mom when I was little (that and "All My Children"). I just got out of watching it, though, for some reason, and now I can’t follow the storyline at all. I have no idea what’s happening, and there are so many new characters! I used to love the relationship between Anna Devane and Robert Scorpio ... talk about a cute couple ... but anyway, it was such a great show! And still is! smile

That’s EXACTLY how I felt Kristine! LOL I couldn’t express it cause I was so upset that they didn’t further the storyline more in 2 hours. But that’s the way soaps go kinda. Like my hubby says, you can not watch for about a year and still pretty much know what’s going on! LOL Sonny WAS amazing in the episodes, though...he has been for quite a while now!

I’m very interested to see where the Emily storyline is going too. I’m so disgusted with the Luke, Lucky, Summer storyline too. I just can’t figure out why they’re stumbling around with that for soooo long here. sheesh, move on with it! ha ha!

The flashback scenes were the best part as far as tear jerkers, I remember the Stone/Robin storyline very well and that made me cry too. I hope they keep doing that for the 40th anniversary!

Port Charles has been so good. I love it! It’s my fav!

Unfortunately I missed alot of GH yesterday because I had to leave so the house inspector, realtor and buyers could come in. *sniff* I really was looking forward to seeing it too.

Cameron isn’t on contract, that’s why he’s not in the opening sequence (they only put people in there who are on on contract).... he’s technically recurring status. They brought him onboard to play opposite Alexis to see how it goes, and Lane Davies was OK not having a contract. I was surprised to see Taggert in there, too... and sad to see no Felicia (not surprised, of course, just sad).

Faith is going to be around for awhile. The actresss auditioned for the role of Summer, and wowed them so much that they created the role of Faith for her.

I heard they are supposed to show those flashbacks all week...

I have been watching GH since i was 8 (i’m pushing 30 next month) but since i entered the Real World I dont get to catch it that much - I will definitely watch The Soap Channel for this weeks episodes though - you made them sound so GREAT!! Sidenote: do you ever feel any celebrity 'angry' towards Buffy who stole Freddie from Robinconfused Yeah, i’m a dork.