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world languages

These are the Top 10 languages. You know, I was actually kind surprised by the list. I wasn’t very aware, so it was kinda interesting... and the comments on them were kinda funny, too smile


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Interesting to say the least.

I speak Portuguese, it was cool to see it on the list... the little language that could. laughing

My best guy friend speaks Mandarin (his father can only speak broken English), and for years, I couldn’t help giggling whenever they started talking... mostly because they’d yell at each other, and something about the tones is just so non-English that it’s funny (but not really, because they’re yelling).

If I tried to hold in my giggles, I’d only end up snorting. I’m sure his father refers to me as the crazy snorting girl.

"English words are borrowed from the language, including: [snip] quesadilla, enchilada, and taco grande supreme."


"To say "hello" in English, say "What’s up, freak?" (watz-UP-freek)."

LOL!!!! Crack me up!

i feel TELUGU language of india is the sweetest language in the world
it is the best language and should be declared as the national language of india along wirth HINDI and ENGLISH
it should also be declared as the official language of usa,bahrain and singapore and tamilnadu a state in india

Yes,Telugu is best language and the sweetest language in the world after French.Because of its sweetness it is also known as ' Italian of the east '.It should should be declared as a national language of india along with Hindi and English since it is spoken all over the world by 80 million speakers and the largest spoken dravidian language and second largely spoken language india as well as 12 in the world

I think Telugu is the sweetest language of the world. Like some people have written here it has all the qualities to be the worlds sweetest language. I dont speak telugu but I like to hear someone speak it.

invariably, telugu is the sweetest language. All telugus should be proud of this fact. But the tragedy is that present day telugu films are corrupting the language with words from English and other languages. And our children are unconsciously assimilating it. It is time that a change came in telugu films.
Also, i feel it is we telugus who treat the language with contempt; Unlike tamils, we are not passionate in promoting it. Even we need to promote the language.

there is no doubt that telugu is the sweetest language in the world. only thing is that it needs wide propoganda to declare it as the best. upcourse it needs to be made the official language of india. its like pouring honey in ur ears whenever u listen. its simply superb which no one can deny.

Guys, All languages are sweet. Thats why they are existing. Every body considers his/her mother tongue as the sweetest langauge in the world.

Telugu is definitely the best and sweetest language, need not to decide by you and me.
Already declared by great pundits of Carnatic music.
And for god sake do not compare it with any other language.

I fall in love with Telugu Language. It is very poetic when listening or speaking.

(Our Subramanya Barathiyar had written Sundara Telunginil Pattu Isaippom). Known as Mahakavi Bharathiyar

(the laudatory epithet Maha Kavi meaning Great Poet in Tamil)
Alhough he was fluent in Sanskrit (and other languages including Bengali, Hindi, Sanskrit, Kutchi, French and English, he only composed two songs purely in Sanskrit, with the vast majority being in Tamil.
Thogh he loves tamil so much,he accepted telugu as the sweetest language.
Most of the songs those days were in Telugu and Sanskrit.
Another Maha kavi has said

kavignar Kanadhasan said it in a Tamil song

'Sinthu nathiyin........Sundara telunginil patisaithu'
It is always believed that Telugu is a musical language because it ends with vowel sounds.
Great pandit and ruler Srikrishnadevaraaya has praised telugu as
“Deshabaashalandu telugu lessa” which meansTelugu is superior to all languages.
May be that’s the reason most of the kirtanas in carnatic music are in Telugu but not in any other language.

Telugu is definitely the sweetest language.

I am sure it is the best in the world,even definitely better than french.

The veteran tamil poet "Subramanya Barathiyar", said
"Sundara Telunginil Pattu Isaippom".
He praised Telugu in tamil literature.

Most of the songs those days were in Telugu.

Other kavi "Kanadhasan" said it in a Tamil song
'Sinthu nathiyin........Sundara telunginil patisaithu'

It is always believed that Telugu is a musical language.

Telugu was praised by so many non-telugu speaking people that no other language has got so much praise.

Britishers call it as italian of the east.But iam sure even italian wouldn’t be so sweet as telugu.

The mix of telugu and sanskrit is awesome.What people call as "Sanskritaandhra".

Telugu is also believed as a classical language but not yet recognised.
It is believed that the importance was given to "sanskritandhra" in the olden days by the brahmins rather than the pure telugu.

The native word for namaskara or namaste is only there in very few languages.
In Tamil it is called Vanakkam.
In Telugu there are two alternatives "Dandalandi" or "Mangineelu".
But unfortunately non are used these days.
Telugu people use more namaskaram or namaste which is derived from sanskrit.

I personally feel the sweet languages in india are Telugu and Hindi.
They both are sweet as well as musical.
The mix of telugu with sanskrit and the mix of hindi with urdu are the best.
These two highly spoken languages in India.
Some believe Bengali is highly spoken language in india after hindi,which is not true.
Telugu is widely spoken in india after hindi.Bengali is also widely spoken after hindi and telugu.
It is also believed that bengali is also one of the sweet language in india.
But my personal opinion is Telugu is most powerful,sweetest language.
Any expression can be easily made in Telugu.One may feel that it can happen with every language,but if you know telugu you will change your opinion.

Telugu is more powerful in all navarasas of life.
Shringar - Love
Hasya - Comic
Karuna - Sadness
Raudra - Furious
Veera - Heroic
Bhayanak - Terrible
Vibhats - Disgusting
Adbhuta - Wonderment
Shanta - Peace

All that i can say is telugu is simply the best.

I sincerely pray god that i should be born as a telugite in all coming births.