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good morning! I woke up and was still so sore that I went back to bed. I found one of those thermacare heat packs that I had a sample of, and stuck that on my back, and it seems to be helping a bit smile yay!

computer if you are having problems with the blogshares plugin because the site is down, David has a new version (0.1.1) out that works even when the site is down.

Its wednesday. And I cleaned my desk off a bit this morning, and put away a few clothes. It feels nice to do some of that kinda stuff before starting out my day. And happy music is way nice :music:

Now, I must go answer some mail because my mailbox is so sad. I need a personal assistant to answer some of thse. "No, Ms. Beeson is NOT interested in your intimate erotic newspaper that you used every contact form on her site to tell her about." "No, Ms. Beeson is not a search engine, try Google for your question." "No, love-productions doesn’t have any pictures of power-washers or men using power-washers to send you for your site design, not in color OR black and white." tounge out


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LOL!! You crack me up!

I downloaded the new plugin. I hope BlogShares comes back soon though. sad

Those ThermaCare heat packs rock! I have used them on many occcasions. They last a long time too! I hope it works for you. smile

I’m listening to happy music too, and trying to work on some stuff for my blog.

Truth be told... I’m avoiding my inbox. (Like the plague!) ;)

Again, I would completely be your personal assistant; and I might be in the market for a new job smile I’ll have to make a sign "Will work for prune fill."

Yay!! I’m glad the thermacare pack is working. And thanks for the heads up on the blogshares plugin, I’ll have to get the new one. wink

Those thermacare packs are the best things ever. I just recommended them to my friend who’s been having back pain, and they helped his back to feel better - and they’re cool because you can even wear them to class or whatever, and you can’t tell that it’s on!

Hope you’re feeling better soon! heartheartheart

Thanks for posting about the thermacare pack. That sounds like something I could use. My back has been sore off and on for the last couple of weeks. Honestly, I’ve hurt all over for a good portion of the last couple of weeks, but I think it would be better if I could just help my back a bit. Anyway, enough about me. smile If you ever hire that personal assistant you need, then keep me in mind. I’d work for pretty site designs. laughingheartluvya

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