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bathing suits

If I was in the market for a bathing suit, I’d definately check out Old Navy’s separates! How very fun, being able to mix and match! smile


Those are way cute! Maybe if I loose a few pounds by the time we go to Vegas next month, I’ll get that stripey (of course!) bottomw. bug

Cute, yes, but be careful... Old Navy bathing suits fit me horribly, and I’ve got a pretty average figure. They bag off my butt and fit funny up top. Go in the store and try 'em on, don’t order online.

ooo excellent! thanks so much for sharing this link. i need a new bathing suit for this summer, but i’m broke, so these are the perfect look for the perfect price smile

LOL *ahem* Yeah, if *I* were in need of one, these are way cute, but like Anne said, watch it cause they fit funny on some people. Last summer I was actually 20 pounds lighter and I tried on several and they were just strange fitting. BUT maybe if I could buy the seperates, they would be better. Ok, I’m rambling...laughing

I just got an email about them yesterday, and I think I’m going to go to the store and try one on. They’re definitely cheap enough, and I like how you can pick the style and stuff.

Oh, those are cute! For those suspicious of how Old Navy suits will fit (I kind of am), I’m throwing a plug in here for Land’s End bathing suits; when I needed one in a hurry laughing, I shopped online and was even able to chat/IM with a sales person when I was deciding between two sizes - they were so helpful. Not cheap, but the suit fit really well.

flower express is having a big sale right now and that is where i got my bathin suit for only 20$ but be careful they run small cause i had to get a medium and i usually wear a small strawberry

WHAT IS EVERYBODY TALKIN ABOUT THIS COLLECTION IS FREAKIN HAWT....SO FLYYYlaughinggrin:laughinglaughingstrawberryprheartlollypopkissheartkisskiss