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backache and more

Okay-dokey then. So my back is still annoyed with me, even after a backrub. But the advil seems to have helped a bit, I can actually move my head now.

I didn’t do so hot on my health plans today, but I did rest some, and I did do a few good things including some extra stretching to make up for not going outside. My bulletin board that I had so carefully attached to the wall fell down DURING my nap, so now I need to think of a better way to put it back up, because it was fun knowing that when I did something good, I’d have a nice place to write it down. Anybody have good ideas of how to attach things to the wall when there’s nothing on the back of the board to catch on to the wall? I put needles up in the wall, that’s no prob, but the board is too skinny to put nails or anything in it to make a hanger. Help!

I’m excited for tomorrow (with Zuly and Crystal) because GH is 2 hours long, and the storylines are so promising! Yay!

I guess its about bed time. sleep I’ve been going to bed later and then spending more of the morning in bed, which isn’t a bad thing. I am finding that my head is clearer in the evenings, and so that makes me more productive anyhow. Good night! kiss


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Good night, sweetie pie! kiss sleep

Could you somehow use velcro? Maybe like attaching velcro to a strip of wood which is either nailed to your wall, or hanging from a hook. Then attach the other side of the velcro to back of your bulletin board and press it on to the strip of wood.

No idea if it would actually work, but you never know! smile

If the board isn’t really heavy, that velcro idea will work. I’ve used it in the past. I guess even if the board is heavy, the idea would work with enough velcro. smile I hope you’re having some sweet dreams now!heart

WOOHOO!! I can’t wait...only a few more hours now! tv

Seymour said the minimum wall hurtage requirment will probably not provide you with a very sturdy bulletin board... but you could glue a piece of wood to the back of the bulletin board to make a frame that you could use to nail into the wall. (You have to get a good type of glue, too.) (If you send me a picture, I’m sure he could come up with more specific ideas—he’s Mr. Man like that.)

can you use that sticky plasticey double sided gummy stuff? hrm - that was a little vague eh? but, when we got our last white board it came with these little stickers that were kinda padded and they stick really well. they probably sell that kind of adhesive at target.

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