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9day game

Nine day computer game exhausts boy

A 14-year-old Romanian boy has suffered a breakdown after reportedly playing a computer game for nine days and nights in a row. Michel Savin collapsed in an Internet cafe and was taken to hospital where doctors said he was physically and mentally exhausted.

No, ya think?! laughing 9 days, and he didn’t think that would be a bit excessive??!! And don’t you think the other people in the Internet cafe would start to notice a stench after 9 days??! tounge out:


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He played a game for 9 days straight at an INTERNET cafe? I’m sure that boy left one HEFTY bill behind as well.

People like to blame computers and computer games for stuff like this happening. I just like to blame stupid people with no common sense who can’t tell after an hour that it’s time to get up, stretch your legs and grab something to drink.


Your mention of stench reminds me of the last few game conventions Matt and I have attended. The programs for the conventions have contained what we call "hygiene clauses" reminding players to bathe in order to avoid subjecting others to "gamer funk" and stating that hanging air fresheners around your neck doesn’t help matters. It’s all tongue-in-cheek, but both of us have played in groups where the people were so caught up in the games that they ended up skipping showers. It can get fairly bad.

Oh how gross and idiotic!! YIKES! Like you said, as though he didn’t think this would be a bit excessive..at 14, he should know a bit better than that! UGH!

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