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scifi news

One of my favorite newsfeeds for entertainment news is the SciFiWire [xml].

Its not just news about the SciFi channel, it is about general sci-fi related news. They always have great news, and I find a lot of stuff there. It shows up in my newzcrawler as the webpage rather than the text-feed, but it does update each news item as they are posted, and so its nice to have an overview that way.

Today, there was news about the scifi channel, and it impressed me at how much they are planning on growing this next year, with a whole bunch of new serieses and a ton of new movies. SCI FI Announces Series Slate and SCI FI Unveils Action Films. Wow, that’s a lot, even if they don’t all get picked up. Some look interesting. I saw the name Maxwell Caufield, and while that may not ring a bell with many people, I remember him from AMC a few years back as Brooke’s man. It was a good storyline. tv Oh, and a Stargate spinoff? that might be interesting! Oh, I do remember seeing the name Atlantis on gateworld: More details. Very interesting!


I remember Maxwell Caufield as one of the Pierces on AMC, but what I really remember him for is his role as Michael Carrington in Grease 2! laughing I had such a crush on him when I first watched that movie.