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sore back

When I went back to bed after being up in the middle of the night, my back/neck was really sore and it was hard to get comfy. It really hasn’t gotten better today, despite some stretching and napping... So not only does it hurt to turn my head, it actually twinges pain when I breathe. Eeek! That can’t be a good sign!! I do believe I’m gonna be needing a back rub when my boy comes home! And maybe some mac-and-cheese, my very favorite comfort food wink


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I hope your back feels better soon Kristine! Maybe a soak in a hot bath would help, too! Not to mention extra rest. flower

I love mac-and-cheese...if I feel especially naughty or really really need comfort food, I like having some potato wedges with my mac-and-cheese. You can dip the wedges in all the nummy cheese sauce. Loads of carbohydrates, but it tastes gooood! Mmm... laughing

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