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David wrote a blogshares plugin, so now you can check out my blog share info right from my sidebar (on the silver skins)!!!

Blogshares is really a fun thing to play with gem


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Whee! I was hoping someone would make a plugin for that! star

It was bound to happen, it’s neat actually. Maybe someone will make a ticker...flowerflowerflowerflowerflowerflower

A BlogShares ticker would be a fun addition. I might add my BlogShares info to my site with this new plugin, but it’s a bit embarrassing to post such a low stock price. laughing Well, not really. I’ll just give myself a star and a lollypop, and I’ll be fine. smile

SWEET!! I think I love David... (just don’t tell A) wink I can’t wait to add this!! laughing

I just noticed that you have a great ticker symbol built in for your site (KDLB for kadyellebee). You’re so cool. smile

Brandy - isn’t it great? I love making up abbreviations, anyhow!! Tee hee, they should hire me as the official ticker symbol writer, shouldn’t they? laughing Let’s see, Trilemma could be TRLMA or BTRI to combine B for Brandy with Trilemma. wink

Thanks Kristine...this is great!! star

Kristine, I like that BTRI. I might have to use that one. Here is a flower for you to thank you for the suggestion. smileluvya

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