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is fibro real?

The pain is real, but is fibromyalgia a condition? Depends who you ask Kansas City Star, MO

Fibromyalgia is a term that meets with a lot of skepticism in the medical community.

To many doctors, it conjures up images of fussy, self-absorbed women with untreated psychological issues.

In one respect Bradley agrees with the skeptics: There is a psychological component to fibromyalgia—as there is to cancer or any number of other illnesses.
But he and others would argue, that doesn’t mean it’s all in people’s heads.

Why must people be so skeptical about illnesses they don’t understand? Just because there isn’t a definate reason for the symptoms of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome doesn’t meant that its not real. I mean, really, why would I make up pain like this? laughing Its just so common to see things like the above in my reading about these illnesses, and its frustrating. So I’ll do my best to educate everyone around me flower


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I know my mom would much rather be able to travel and go to work and eat non-bland foods and have enough energy to play with her grand-puppies without having to take a 3 hour nap afterwards. I’m glad that Fibromylagia isn’t as common as cancer. I’m glad people can be oblivious to it and not suffer seeing their loved ones "living" with it. I just wish for once when someone does hear what Fibromylagia is they don’t get that "if you say so" look of sympathetic disbelief on their faces. - The medical community included.

i have FMS along with a few others...no one seems to understand...

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