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GBAdvance SP

Game Boy Advance SP Released

Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance SP is the latest incarnation of the incredibly popular Game Boy handheld franchise. Available at retail stores on March 23, 2003, the GBA-SP fixes almost all the problems leveled at the original GBA - and then some.

This looks so freakin' cool. The silver is totally sleek, and the teeny-ness of it is way cool. If I had one, I’d put it next to my bed so that when I was laying in bed resting, I could play games. :giggle:


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Over here it’s released in 4 days, and I have it on pre-order and I’m getting way too over-excited about it. Got the chance to play a demo of it in a store the other day, and it was drool-worthy. Also, so much more addictive than almost all my PC games.

Only 4 more days to go...now if only they’d dispatch the thing already smile

i NEED one of those. i meant it. laughing

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