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Viewers Opt For 'Order' Over War

On a night when other networks went back to something resembling regular schedules, ABC’s decision to continue with ABC News reports from Iraq paid off with a strong second place finish. In the end, reality lost out to NBC’s dose of fiction (with Law and Order).

Which goes further to proof my point... if people want to watch news all day, they’ll check out a 24-hour news channel.....

(I saw Liz use the term warTV, and can’t help but feel that’s what we have right now!)


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Oh lord...*sigh* Thanks for the ping, that’s "interesting" to say the least. I just wish ABC would give it up, I realize they’re getting good ratings, but I agree, people would tune into a 24 hr news channel just as good! wink

I say the same thing - if people want to watch the war, they’ll go to CNN or something. Bring regular TV back! tounge out:

I agree completely, but I wish Matt would watch something other than Fox News. I’m so tired of hearing the same things over and over. At least I have the computer to distract me. butterfly

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