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pile o fonts

My desktop was getting pretty full looking, so I went through the fonts to share my latest finds with you!
heart to miss m'lissa

Seen at Font Face:

  • Quiet Infinity—girl print; I like this a lot. (from Planet Buzz)

  • Gohan—a bubbley font like glowworm but with a bit more of a curve. (from Cuttlefish)

  • Syndey2000—Brush script, sloppy but not raggedy.

Seen at Chank from Dale Harris

  • Empyra - stylish cyrillic

Seen at FontFreak:

  • Organica - storybook font (from KingThings)

  • Kingthings hand—sans serif rounded with great style; includes lighter version (from KingThings)

  • Komikahuna -all caps wide and squared (from Apostrophic Lab)

  • Perolet—dotted comic sans feel (from Astramat)

Seen at Astramat (spanish site, but the fonts are nice)

  • Rosango - raggedy font with 4 variations
  • Arbeka—almost a humanist feel to it, but a bit wider than the traditional; 5 versions

  • Pixelade—pixel font; lowercase included; optimized for 13points

  • Fox script—ragged typewriter font

Seen at Fontoman:

  • Jagular - excellent sans serif with wide spacing: an old favorite star

  • Sugar Ray—slanted shaped sans serif; similar look to the spanish tv station logo.

  • Rambo Killer—sloppy script

  • Baby Bozonga - cool script

  • Tigger—Kid print

Seen at Ænigma:

  • Graze—diagnol shapes with fonts in them; nice for a title perhaps.


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You wicked wicked woman!

Just yesterday I finished downloading from your post last time! (Seriously!)

I’m going to start calling you my font pimp... lol

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