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rest and up again

E looked so tired this evening. Around 8:30, he said he was gonna go lay down. and so I joined him and we cuddled and fell asleep. I have been staying up much later than that for some reason for the last few weeks (11-ish!!) and then sleeping in, so I wasn’t as tired apparently, so I’m up again smile

I was telling him earlier that my sleep cycles are so much better than last year. Last year, I was struggling because I’d wake up every night for like 4-5 hours and be exhausted but not able to fall back asleep. Now, my little "breaks" from sleeping aren’t nearly so bothersome to me; if I wake up for an hour or so, I check a few things on my computer and maybe play some Spider solitaire or something, and then go right back to sleep. And plus, the last few months with the Ambien has greatly improved my issue with vivid dreams, and that in itself is a blessing because I’m not waking up from the dreams like I was.

smile sleep is good. but first, some playing and surfing and MT forums -ing smile


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Just saying hi on my way to shower and bed. butterfly prheart

I’m so glad to hear that you’re sleeping well. It makes a huge difference in how a person feels. You’d think that knowing that would make me go to bed earlier, but it doesn’t.

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