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Quietly working

I’m not sure what to say about our nations events. I don’t want to get too caught up in watching the news, I’m trying to just stay a little bit informed, but not immerse myself into it—I did that around Sept 11, and it just wasn’t very healthy for me. I’m a bit worried that if I’m cheery and bubbly here, you’ll think that I am heartless and don’t care. That’s not it, I do care. I’d rather do things to make myself, and hopefully by extension, my friends smile. Because truly, my heart goes out to everyone of my friends right now. I wish I could come and give each of you a hug, because hugs are comforting in times like this.

I’ve got music going quietly while I work on some projects. I got the mt-plugins site updated with everything new, and same for the bug site. That’s a happy geeky thing computer I played with a few of the plugins and actually thought of some new things to do with them. MT-stuff is so inspiring to me, and I feel so lucky that my time is free right now to do that. It may not be pulling in an income, but its making me happy, and its not stress like my job is! So yeah, I’m lucky.

I’m working on a project with Brenna and we are amazed at ourselves. laughing Its gonna be cool! So that’s why I was so quiet yesterday, I spent a lot of the day working on setup stuff. smile

I’m testing out a new desktop blogging client, and its excellent. I’ll be sure to share more when its a bit more finished.

I’ve had enough energy the last few days that I’ve actually straighted up a few rooms—the bathroom and both sides of it are actually looking pretty good. And I have windows open to get some fresh air in here, so that’s making things all nice. I straighted up some of my craft desk while looking for thread for Eric last night, and it made me want to sit there and write some cards. That would be nice, and I have a few people who really deserve them! smile

Mom just called and Megan’s gonna stop and see me. I like that she’s at home smile I miss her so much when she’s gone!

I have a feeling that soaps aren’t gonna be on for a few days, so my afternoons will definately be quieter!


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I’m in the same boat as you as far as not wanting to immerse myself in the news and what it all means but not wanting to appear like I don’t give a hoot. I’d like to come give you a hug too. Plus, I like your part of the world more. laughing

Don’t feel bad—our mental health very much effects our physical health, and it’s perfectly understandable. Here’s hoping your spring burst of energy sticks around for awhile! butterfly bug

I’m right there with ya girlie. I’d rather make people smile for a minute, than become a news channel. We already have enough of those. But I do care and I do think about it.



*giggle* luvya

Can’t wait to see your project. heart Which desktop client were you using? If you have a chance, I’d really like your advice for my project. blush

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