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pile o fonts

As promised a few days ago, I finally finished putting the fonts away on my desktop, which means you get a fun list of the best of them smile

Seen at fontface’s fonts of the day:

Seen at Dinc!

  • Sweet Potato - wide brushtype cursive

  • Socks - skinny cursive with filled in curves

  • Sunday SanFranscico - medium cursive

  • BoyToy - unusual but fun

Seen at �nigma Fonts

  • Gravitate - wide and squatty sans-serif

Seen at Apostrophic

  • Day Roman - nice serif

  • Quixotte (a Grahme Meade font) - sans serif with a curve at the bottoms

Seen at GemFonts

  • Film Cryptic - delightful raggedy font

Seen at Nick’s Fonts

  • Smorgasboard - skinny serif with tilting sides

  • Chocolate Drops - shadowed with filled in bottoms

some of my updates come from mailing lists I’m on, some of them are from the fontlover site...


rainbow heart
You are so organized! In my dreams I am organized like you! LOL blush

I like your smilies!! smile

makeup Oh my goodness, speaking of makeup, I had the coolest dream last night, and you were in it! Honest. I have no idea how that happened. I think I will email you. prheart

I like your description of Juliana - "wide but pretty". Sounds kind of like me. smile I think Quixotte is my favorite of these. Thanks for sharing!

I heart you laughing

There are quite a few good ones at that first site, and I think I may use one of them in a skin I’m designing. I’m heading off to the other sites, but I tend to get lost as I font surf, and wanted to leave a "Thank you" before I zoomed off... ;)

prheart Thank you girlie. prheart